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One-To-One Mentoring Services

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Ignite Life Family Support

Family Safeguarding and Welfare Support

Crisis Support Services

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We Deliver Bespoke Support

At Ignite Life we provide young people in need with access to life changing experiences and opportunities.

Our services aim to help young people form positive relationships with adults and peers, engage young people with new experiences and opportunities, build young people’s self-belief and resilience, and support young people to engage with education, employment and training.

 Our services include: 

Supporting young people in need to participate in education, employment and training. 

Acting as a liaison and advocate between young people, their parents and guardians, and education and funding providers.

Bespoke mentoring, tutoring, recreational and respite services.

Providing access to vocational and practical education and training.

Providing access to respite from negative environments that perpetuate an individual’s problems.

Family safeguarding and welfare support services.

Crisis support for young people and their families.

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